Seeking to honor the traditions of art & craft, All Sacred Tattoo is our offering in a wildly diverse culture of artists, influences and aspirations.

We specialize in a style of tattooing that celebrates the traditions of tattooing as far back as history records. It is our honor as a collective to tattoo in a style that embraces ornamental design, dot work, geometric, and all forms of culturally inspired tattooing.

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Aries Rhysing

I tattoo because I love the craft, the process, the art, the people I work with, and the power we manifest when a tattoo becomes alive on the body. I was drawn to tattooing by the power of the images, the stories they told, and the sacredness of what takes place when someone expresses themselves by changing their body for this lifetime w/ a tattoo. [...]

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Tommy Sisneros

Art and tattooing to me, is a life long journey of exiting exploration. These days I focus on creating an awesome experience for my clients, one where I strive to create them not only a piece of art, but a creative experience that they have a part in . [...]

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Jayce Wallingford

I was born and raised in the arms of an artist, my mother. And since before I can remember, she showed me countless ways to interact with the world around me through art and craft. She taught me how to manifest my imagination, work through emotions, and connect with people through creativity. Tattooing is not just my job, it is a way to connect. [...]

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Evan Lorenzen

The days that you find me in the shop, I am playing the role of tattooer – a role that is constantly and exquisitely fascinating, enjoyable, and challenging. I choose to explore imagery and experience through hand-poked tattooing because I find the medium to be a compelling coalescence of old methods and new practices. [...]

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Zach Donn

As I would sit and watch my dad create art, I could feel all of the energy and emotion brought into it and knew that this is what I needed to do. The idea of creating feelings, emotions, and even stories, all through art, is what pushes me and continues to push me to create more and more art. [...]

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Jamie Beach

Art has always been a point of connection for me, whether it be with my inner voice or the world around me. It is a place where time can slip away and new worlds can be found. When tattooing found me, it not only gave my art a place to grow, but my soul got to reach for the sun with it. [...]

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Justin Wild

I became completely fascinated with tattooing after receiving my first tattoo and have since fallen in love with the craft, the art, and the traditions of the global tattoo community. I am beyond honored to be a part of this community and I humbly strive to contribute to its advancement. [...]

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Jawn Suzuki

Above everything, I love to create beautiful soft and feminine tattoos but have come to a point where I personally feel like I can take on a variety styles. Female figures and flowers with fine lines really define my style. I feel truly blessed to be tattooing over any other form of art because it is one of the few things that a person will bring w [...]

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Tien Nguyen

I value the quality of each piece as well as the experience of being tattooed. Having had the privilege of learning under some of the best artist around today, it’s important to give back to the community that has given me so much. [...]

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Kit Evans

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and began tattooing in 2003. Tattooing provided a sense of community and family of understanding and acceptance that I had struggled to find previously, and being a part of my industry feels like a gift, everyday. I love my career, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to make art for a living. [...]

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Sara Lewis

I originally hail from Washington state, but have lived in Denver for the last 10 years. I have been drawing since I can remember, some of my first memories are of me holding a fatty scented marker and coloring in Disney colouring books and Lisa Frank fuzzy posters. [...]

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