Tattooing is sacred

We seek to honor the traditions of art and craft that have forged the legacy of tattooing as we know it today, in all its forms and functions; for the betterment of this culture we hold dear – and take quite seriously. Without an eye to the past and adherence to the time tested methods and techniques of our predecessors, all honor is lost – and tattooing becomes an endeavor of the ego, only as grand as self­-service can be.

We work diligently to serve our craft and the people we have the privilege of tattooing, as if every tattoo must be our best work – every tattoo is a rite of passage – and every tattoo is a privilege. All Sacred Tattoo is our offering in a wildly diverse culture of artists, influences and aspirations. We specialize in a style of tattooing that celebrates the traditions of tattooing as far back as history records. It is our honor as a collective to tattoo in a style that embraces ornamental design, dot work, geometric, and all forms of culturally inspired tattooing.

Giving Back

We also believe that as artists we owe our place here to the community that supports us. Therefore we have chosen to give back to our community... The work of the All Sacred Tattoo Studio and The All Sacred Foundation has an impact on the under­served populations in the Denver area... As we continue to grow this vision, we are currently helping high­risk youth, animals in need, addicts in recovery, and the homeless population.

  • We donate 100% of proceeds from our monthly fundraiser events
  • We donate 100% of profits from merchandise sales
  • We donate 100% of profit from gallery showings Tattooing is sacred, we thank the community for our place in this beautiful, powerful culture.
  • 2017 | Gathering for the Greater Good Event

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