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I started my journey as a tattooer a few years ago with All Sacred, but my passion for art and creative expression has been with me for as long as I can remember. I was constantly getting in trouble for drawing all over my homework and notes, spent most of my teenage years with a sketchbook on hand at all times, and was finding new ways to learn and explore with art every chance I could get. That love of expression drew me to the world of tattooing like a magnet, admiring work on members of my favorite bands, characters in movies and books, strangers at grocery stores and concerts, and eventually myself and my friends. 

I’m incredibly fortunate that All Sacred and the industry as a whole took me in, and has given me the guidance and opportunities to pursue the first loves of my life; art and tattoos. The fact that I get to spend everyday connecting with others who’ve felt that same magnetic pull is icing on the cake, and I’m grateful for each and every experience. Some projects are a way to take back power, to memorialize moments in time, or to serve as daily reminders. Others are to showcase our favorite movies, to have a fun memento, or to just look bad ass!

I’m grateful for each chance to share my craft and pass a little piece of the industry into the world, to carry on the legacy of all the tattoo artists who came before me, and the wisdom of my mentors. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me, and what’s next for tattooing as a whole! 

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