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Growing up in a military family I was exposed to art, specifically tattoo art on my dad and uncles at an early Age . I have always had a fascination with the magic and stories they told , the places they had been, and the people and things they had loved and lost. As a musician and artist, I have always enjoyed the privilege to make people happy with my musical or artistic expression. After countless ventures in music, academia and later the corporate world , I am truly able to appreciate the blessing I have, being able to work in a field I love so much.

Art and tattooing to me, is a life long journey of exiting exploration. These days I focus on creating an awesome experience for my clients, one where I strive to create them not only a piece of art, but a creative experience that they have a part in . I enjoy most all styles of tattoo art work especially portraits , fine line and blackwork. I’m thankful to be a part of this ancient and sacred group of individuals that mark people for life. Tattoos are powerful , and I appreciate my privilege to practice this craft.

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