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I have been tattooing professionally for 22+ years and I become more grateful every year. I am the founding artist and owner of ALL SACRED TATTOO in Denver Colorado, where I have the privilege of living and working with an amazing tattoo family! I tattoo because I love the craft, the process, the people that wear my art, and the power we manifest when a tattoo comes to life on the body. I am drawn to tattooing by the power of the images, the stories they tell, and the sacredness of what takes place when someone expresses themselves by changing their body for this lifetime with a tattoo. Prior to finding the art form, I had been told my whole life that I would share my art with the world, and tattooing made that possible.

I specialize in ORNAMENTAL NEOJAPANESE tattoos…I strive to create beautiful, timeless work that honors the traditions of tattooing, as well as contributing to the art and expansion of our craft. My greatest inspirations today come from the artists that forged this path before me, the amazing world we live in with all of its diversity and culture, the abundance of beauty in nature, and the amazing clients that enrich my artistic vision with every tattoo that I have the privilege of doing. I am looking forward to forging ahead on my path as an artist, and traveling the world to tattoo in as many amazing places as I can! 

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