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Drawing, painting, tattooing, ceramics, and animating are my preferred methods of play. The days that you find me in the shop, I am playing the role of tattooer – a role that is constantly and exquisitely fascinating, enjoyable, and challenging. I choose to explore imagery and experience through hand-poked tattooing because I find the medium to be a compelling coalescence of old methods and new practices. I love working within the framework of contemporary tattooing culture while still referencing ancient methods of machineless tattoo.

I believe that creating hand-poked tattoos with clients offers an alternative possibility that is less abrasive in some capacities while also offering a slightly different aesthetic palate for those who wish to adorn their human vessels. In summation, Evan Lorenzen is an amalgamation of events contained within a cellular structure for continuity sake. I may not always be serious, but I do aim to be sincere.

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