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A close friend of mine had started tattooing shortly before I did and he encouraged me to pursue it further. After completing my “apprenticeship” I began tattooing full time in August 2011. I have a pretty strong background in Neo-traditional full color tattooing however over the past 5-6 years I have transitioned into tattooing strictly black and grey tattooing only. The transition was mainly based on the requests I was receiving and once I began tattooing in only black my clientele began to grow which has led me to strictly tattooing in black and grey only. In my opinion I feel my tattoos have become stronger and more timeless in using only black and grey pigment.

Currently I’m mostly interested in tattooing floral and or floral mixed with ornamental/geometric design work though I am open to other imagery, this work will take priority when booking. Other favorite things to tattoo: animals/tigers/snakes, moths/butterflies/insects, birds, animal skulls or human skulls… I’m usually up for a challenge but I do like to feel confident and comfortable in what I tattoo to ensure that I can make the best tattoo possible for you!

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