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Did my 1st tattoo at age 13. Hand poked with a sewing needle. Years later I got a professional tattoo & knew that was what I wanted to do. 

Started tattooing 2007 in a street shop covered wall to wall with flash. The bold traditional styles were always an influence. 

Began traveling outside the USA for almost 5 years straight to continue the never ending learning process. 

Mentored with Timbo Dunn in Australia. Adam Craft and Marv Lerning in New Zealand. Danny Garcia in Istanbul. 

When returning to the USA I worked & lived with Mike Pike. Tattooed during the day. Worked on tattoo machines at night. 

Absolutely grateful for all the passionate people I’ve met on this journey. 

Blessed to make tattoos & tattoo machines in Denver, my favorite city in the world to tattoo. 

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