All Sacred Foundation is a non-profit fundraising collective based in Denver, Colorado. We are creative professionals, who are all about striving to benefit the community we live in. Each month, we contribute one day of our respective services, and donate 100% of the proceeds to 4 non-profit organizations in the Denver metro area. We are hoping to start a movement of creative people that represents the answer to the question “What are we doing for our community?”. Our community supports us in our endeavors but, unfortunately, many individuals and organizations are not as fortunate; we are the answer to that problem!

Unified Passion. Singular Purpose.

Creative professionals unified as a fundraising collective for the purpose of community betterment

All Sacred Foundation Event 2017

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Strength in numbers! If you feel inspired by what we do and who we support, and would like to donate time or professional services, please contact us ASAP!

Every cent counts! If our mission and goals resonate, and you’d like to donate funds or tangibles, know that your contribution will truly make a difference!

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Currently, there are no upcoming events for the All Sacred Foundation.

organization spotlight: Urban Peak

Urban Peak ignites the potential in youth to exit homelessness and create self-determined, fulfilled lives.

All Sacred Studio for the love
of tattooing.

Our work is based on the timeless principles perfected by the masters of the craft that came before us: Strong lines, high contrast, clean design, and flow with the body. Each of our artists brings their own authentic expression of this to the collective. We are all absolutely seeking to give every client the best tattoo we are capable of while honoring our artistic vision and experience. We hold space and embody a tattooing process that allows for every client of every possible identity that we work with to have the experience they seek.

It is always our honor to tattoo you.
With Gratitude,

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