At a very young age I found having tattoos and getting tattooed to be very rewarding and uplifting. After getting my first tattoo I was fascinated with the procedure, I felt as though every aspect of the process was uniquely ritualistic and fulfilling spiritually. Before I became obsessed with tattooing, I had always created art as a form of therapy, I would often spend hours drawing and painting to self sooth. Now that I have the honor to tattoo, I feel as though my relationships with clients are symbiotic. I love the art process of creating compositions to compliment my clients individuality while also conveying their story. But the most rewarding part of tattooing is watching my clients leave from their session with their head a little higher, proud of their new piece of art.

The most important aspects of my tattoo art style are based on longevity, composition and readability. My main objective when creating a design for a tattoo is longevity, no matter what style of tattooing I am doing. I mostly prefer to tattoo in the styles of Neotraditional Color and Blackwork imagery. Subject matter I enjoy tattooing are ladies, animals, animal skulls. No matter how big and complicated or small and simple I always try to create each of my clients a unique piece of art. If I had to describe my style of art I would say its heavily inspired by Art Nouveau artists, my background in oil painting and American traditional tattoo application.

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