My background is in fine art, but American tattooing is certainly in my blood. My great grand father came to the U.S. in 1906, after his dad had been murdered by horse thieves. It wasn’t long after that he had a Statue of Liberty tattooed on his forearm.

In addition to tattooing, I am former college educator, having taught art classes at John A. Logan College, Southern Illinois University, and was the director of fine art for the Morthland College Conservatory of Art and Music.

I’ve also been the instructor of record for multiple dry media classes at the Mok Yeong Art Institute in Seoul, South Korea, The Stephen Jota Children Centre in Kampala, Uganda, Life Line Children’s International in Port Au Prince Haiti, and was a guest lecturer at NYUST in Douliou, Taiwan

In addition to teaching, I was a vocal recording artist, having released music for BEC/Tooth and Nail records in 2012. Our videos have appeared on MTV, Fuse, and numerous other music video outlets.

After all this searching for purpose and meaning in the arts and humanitarian work, I’ve found one simple truth. Tattoos make you stronger… Stronger than any painting or sculpture could. And for this reason my whole energy is placed on this practice.

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