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I remember the time when I first became engrossed in art was when a Korean War Vet gave me a stack of 1960s comics. There were many mint condition high value comics like.. a X-Men No. 1, Humanfly No. 1, Fantastic Four No. 1, Moon Knight No. 1, and a array of other comics well worth quite a bit of money.. later lost in a yard sale. I don't think I could ever express the gratitude of what that random act of kindness did to me. It made me draw.

Being a Vietnamese refugee I didn't speak a lick of English coming over here... the ability to manifest my dreams and desires on paper was a holy safe place for me. Now I do that on skin. That gift of imagination and the ability to dream.. has really added so much value to my daily life. My purpose in tattooing is to give that same gift to my clients by helping them manifest their desires on skin.... Ethically, humbly, and with intention.

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