Tattooing for me until recently has been viewed as taboo. I grew up in a very traditional Japanese family that viewed any tattoos as gang affiliated. I always loved to paint (that being my main form of artistic expression), but could never find a justification to drop my education to pursue that passion. I remember the exact point that my view of tattooing had altered. I was watching a friend get a large piece on her ribs to her lower thigh and I thought to myself that tattooing isn’t what I had been taught and can be astonishingly beautiful and emotional. From there began a journey to gain this unshaken love for the art and culture of tattoos.

Above everything, I love to create beautiful soft and feminine tattoos but have come to a point where I personally feel like I can take on a variety styles. Female figures and flowers with fine lines really define my style. I feel truly blessed to be tattooing over any other form of art because it is one of the few things that a person will bring with them far past any material objects and will be with them through all the ups and downs in life. I am immensely grateful to have found this path and continue to push myself because of it.

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