My interest in art started when I was a kid and I first saw the illustrations my mother’s high school sweetheart had gifted to her. From then on, I spent countless school hours focused on doodling instead of the assigned classwork, much to my mom’s dismay. Lovingly, she pushed me towards art classes to explore that interest. As I got older, I naturally gravitated towards getting tattooed as a way to be expressive. I was always so intrigued by the process of tattooing and would intensely watch, while under the needle. It didn’t take many trips into a tattoo shop to know that was where I wanted to be. I began working as a receptionist to gain as much knowledge as I could and would go on to earn an apprenticeship through my dedication to this art form.

I currently focus on tattooing in an American Traditional style but also have interests in Japanese Traditional. I look forward to exploring more styles and continuing to learn from fellow artists, throughout my tattoo career. I am grateful to be in a trusted position creating permanent works of art for people, while doing what I love and being able to provide for my family.

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