All Sacred Edgewater

Our Edgewater location is a custom, appointment based studio with more availability for walk-ins and faster booking.

We wanted to take our time re-opening the studio with a completely new roster of amazing artists, to offer the high level of integrity and attention to the craft of tattooing that has made our shop what it is. Some of the artists work in the ornamental, blackwork, and geometric styles that ALL SACRED is known for, while some of them bring entirely new things to our community like watercolor, anime, Japanese, and portraiture!!! Please check out all of their portfolios to see what they do!



Tuesday - Sunday:
11AM - 6PM

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All Sacred Edgewater | Artists

Daniel Troyer

I grew up in Denver Colorado, and have been fortunate enough to spend the last nine years tattooing. I’ve always found my inspiration in nature and in life, and have always looked for ways to express that on paper or canvas. I still spend a good deal of time creating graphite drawings and painting with watercolor or acrylic.  [...]

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Natasha Romero

I’ve been in love with art ever since I was a little kid, practicing it all the time whenever I could. Art means a lot to me and I wouldn’t be able to live my life without it! I couldn’t be happier with the career path I have chosen and being able to create new art every day for wonderful people! I love getting to know each person that comes to me [...]

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Shannon Faber

We are all made of stories. Tattooing for me is the ultimate form of storytelling. Many people choose to get tattoos to reclaim their story after experiencing trauma.  In my years prior to tattooing, I worked as a yoga instructor and birth doula with specific training in working with trauma in the body, and I've found that it is directly relevant [...]

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Todd Showdown

My background is in fine art. But American tattooing is certainly in my blood. My great grand father came to the U.S. in 1906, after his dad had been murdered by horse thieves. It wasn’t long after that he had a Statue of Liberty tattooed on his forearm. [...]

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Austyn Cody

Born in Wisconsin, moved to Denver in 2019, grateful to be tattooing. I have been tattooing since 2016. I was inspired through music, art, and family. I love black, ornamental, traditional, botanical, illustrative tattooing. Always important to provide a safe and welcoming environment, all walks of life welcome. [...]

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